The Latin word “scient” or “scientia” means knowledge, science or a skill. Throughout history, quests for knowledge have propelled mankind forward. Some say that knowledge is power. We believe that knowledge is more than power; it empowers.

Converscient Private Limited is a provider of the innovative “empower!” suite of Enterprise Knowledge and Workflow Portals solutions empowering e-Businesses in an ever-converging world of content, devices and infrastructure. Our solutions empower people and businesses to leverage business knowledge and intelligence strategically to build stronger customer relationships, create new opportunities, and maximize business performance.

Converscient provides Professional Services to solve challenging technical problems in areas of solutions design, consulting, system integration, performance tuning and deployment. We are also proficient in developing customized solutions on Java and .Net platforms, complementing them with open-source packages where applicable.

Converscient is about converging knowledge - to come together and unite in empowering businesses to better compete in the new knowledge economy.